Meditation is the gateway to our holistic wellbeing.

Nice to e-meet you.

My name is Silvia and I run a mindfulness studio located in the downtown of Singapore, in a century old shophouse. It has always been my soul aspiration to bring mindfulness and meditation to more people out there who have just started their inner journey. And extending my classes virtually is a great way to reaching and connecting with more people. I hope you will enjoy the classes here and looking forward to seeing you in person as well in my studio one day (when all tides are clear again :-)

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60 Min Class 

These are full courses similar to the experience of attending a one-hour class in the studio.

Basic Techniques

These are short clips for those who just want to zoom into the basic theories. These clips are usually extracted from the 60 min classes.

Meditative Audios

Soulfully composed and choreographed guided meditation for different intentions, energies and emotions. Useful for your meditation routines.

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