Unwind For The Day

12 Min Experiential Meditation

Dear Meditators

How was your day? 

Nothing much? 


Has it just been another day..?

Another day, perhaps filled with boredom.

Another day, perhaps filled with frustrations.

Another day, perhaps filled with loneliness.

Another day, perhaps filled with tiredness.

Our fuel runs low by the end of the day, just like the Sun will need to set and allow time for self-healing and regeneration.

No matter how you are feeling today and each day, always wrap up your day with a meditation.

Don’t carry all the baggage from the day into your bed.

This way, you allow your mind, heart and body to heal peacefully while you’re asleep.


In this guided meditation, experience:

1. The Messages

2. The Ambience 

3. Colour visualization

Yes, we will be inviting the concept of colour visualization in this meditation. I hope you will experience the powerful healing vibrations of colours.


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