Power Breathing

Who would have thought that the secret to a great sitting meditation is not the sitting but the breathing!

If you have just started meditation or are finding difficulty in meditation (e.g. can't sit for too long, can't stop the mind from chattering, can't stay still...), learn the basics of power breathing.

I found it so useful to have developed the habit of power breathing through the belly. It not only helped me prepare my body and mind for the meditation journey, it also greatly released all my stress and tensions with each deep inhalation and exhalation. 

One of the reasons why most people are frustrated with the chattering mind during meditation is that they have forgotten to clear them away before they sit. This is such a small step but helps you go a long way.

When you begin your meditation with several rounds of power breathing through the abdomen, you are actually creating space and silence in your inner body and mind.

There are 2 parts to this video, be sure to watch them both to grasp the simple techniques of power breathing through your belly strength.

Are Your Ready To Breathe?

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