Meditation can be easy and deeply satisfying for the Soul.


If you have been wanting to practise meditation but have been holding back because ...

"difficulty to sit still"

"wandering mind"

"chattering mind"

"cannot focus"

"easily distracted"


Well, I hope you will find this short course taking care of these challenges.

Although the content of this course is just short 60 minutes, I hope it will kickstart your meditation journey for a lifetime.

In this course:

Learn to meditate easily in 60 mins!

 You will be introduced to basic sitting postures and simple breathing techniques. A 15 Min Guided Meditation for SOUL AWAKENING is also included to further accelerate your new beginning in the meditation journey.

Chapter 1:  Appreciating The Little Things In Life

Getting Ready For The Meditation

Chapter 2: How To Sit Right For An Easy Meditation

Easy But Disciplined Sit Posture For Beginners

Half Lotus Pose & Full Lotus Pose Demonstration

Concept Of Tripod Sit

Create A Simple Meditation Mudra

Chapter 3: Power Through Your Meditation With Deep Breathing

Learn To Breathe Through Your Belly

Easy Techniques To Get Your Belly Moving 

Chapter 4: [Actual Practice] 15 Min Awakening Guided Meditation

A powerful guided meditation with visualisation to awaken your Soul and accelerate your meditation journey.

You can also download the awakening guided meditation into your mobile or desktop so that you can play it whenever you want to get an awakening recharge

 Chapter 5: 7 Vital Points of Sit Meditation

Learn in greater details the 7 Vital Points of Sit Meditation

Legs, Fingers, Spine, Shoulder, Chin, Eyes, Tongue

Chapter 6: One-Pager Guided Routine

You will be able to download a one-pager easy guide with all the teachings in this course. Easy reference for you to look at them when you do your next round of meditation practice

Chapter 7: Closing

Completion of class ~

Course curriculum

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