There are two common hurdles every meditation beginner had to go through – noise in the Mind and pain in the body.

In this chapter, I will be guiding you on the correct sitting postures when you sit and meditate. By sitting correctly, you are able to stay more focused and less distracted by the numbing legs and aching back. A disciplined sitting posture also helps in calming the Mind and keeping it silent.

*It will be great to find a comfortable sitting cushion before you proceed with the videos*

In This Video:

Easy But Disciplined Sit Posture For Beginners

Half Lotus Pose & Full Lotus Pose Demonstration

Concept Of Tripod Sit

Create A Simple Meditation Mudra

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Sit Tight Sit Longer

    • [6 Min Video] Sit Right To Sit Longer

    • [4 Min Video] 7 Vital Points (Part 1)

    • [4 Min Video] 7 Vital Points (Part 2)

    • [9 Min Video] 7 Vital Points (Part 3)

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